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Need help with motivating yourself to go to the gym? Then this is the right option for you! I offer one on one sessions where you will receive assistance in the gym tailored specifically to your needs. You choose the gym of your liking and the time that suits you and I will accompany you and make sure you are training correctly and effectively.                    

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Prefer to workout alone or in the comfort of your home? Then this is the right option for you! When you sign up for the online training option you will receive a customized workout plan based on your fitness levels and personal goals. You will also receive an easy to follow meal plan and guidance on how to buy groceries for maximal success.


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Quick Breakfast Recipe

A quick recipe for you! 

Something to have in the morning in less than 5 minutes. You could also make it the night before and let it sit in the fridge. I personally like when the oat...

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Chocolate Pudding

MMM chocolate pudding one of my weaknesses if I see them at a buffet or in a deserts menu at a restaurant. I often make my healthy version of chocolate pudding, perfect for snack or dessert. N...

Sylviafitness Blog

Cancer Fighting Smoothie

I can´t get enough of the organics options here in Germany, Frankfurt area. Wheatgrass&...

Sylviafitness Blog

Beginners Workouts

Designing beginners workouts really have more to do with psychology than with personal training. I am not saying that beginners exercises don't require the special knowledge that only a persona...