10 ways to stay on track with diet


So how to stay accountable for weight loss or just staying healthy? 

Staying on track with a diet plan is not always easy. 

Here are some tips from an experienced dieter and a previous international bikini fitness athlete.

Fast for 12 hours.

What happens after 12-hour fasting is our body goes into detoxification mode.

It takes at least 8 hours for your body to completely digest it´s a meal from the day and if you add another 4 hours without giving yourself food to digest it will have more time removing dead and dying cells from the body.

During this idle time, the body also stimulates the development and regeneration of new cells.

You could actually slow down on the aging process by doing this routine.

Aging occurs when we have more cells dying than are being produced.



Plan in advance.


This is crucial if you are going to succeed. Take a couple of minutes the night before and identify exactly what foods you are going to consume the following day.


Keeping a meals log will certainly help in future meal planning and make it easier.


Try to use Fit Day or My Fitness Pal they are free software, if you think it will help you.





Cook and Store.


You will rather want to make your own meals, that way, you know what you are having.


Fresh ingredients are essential. You can prepare some of your meals in advance and freeze them in slip-ups bags.



Get a Cooler.


if you are a traveler or work away from home. Constantly load your cooler with food and bring it everywhere you go. You can always keep oats with raisins, a fruit, protein powder, vegetable… Your meals in general. 



Purchase a food scale.


At first, it is difficult to recognize how much you are eating without a food scale. You will want to measure your food in order to learn approximately how much you are consuming.


We often underestimate portion sizes and calories we are consuming.


After using your scale for a few months you will most likely in the future be able to presume your portion size with more accuracy.





Drink lots of water.


It is essential to keep your body hydrated. It will assist you in rinsing out toxins and improve your performance in the gym as well as reducing your cravings. The typical less active adult ought to consume 2.- 2 ½ liters a day. An athlete should consume more at least 3- ½ liters. 



When eating out. 


I suggest you familiarize yourself with options of restaurants and their menus. Try to order something either high in Protein and Fat or high in Protein and Carbohydrates.



If you are a busy mom or dad, then here is my post about the first steps to clean eating.


Eat every few hours.


But remember to fast for at least 12 hours every day. Eating every few hours helps maintain energy and might save you from crushing down and jumping on something unhealthy snack.


Calories are energy. If we skip a meal during the day our blood sugar levels go down which can make us tired.


Therefore we eat in order to keep our blood sugar level in balance. It depends on what you eat what type of energy you will get.


If you eat something that spikes up your blood sugar very fast it is most likely it will crash down fast and soon after you have eaten, but those are simple carbohydrates which cause this, therefore I suggest you stay away from them.



Take a good essential fatty acid.


If your nutrition has a lot of variety and is rich in vegetables and fruits, there is no special need to take multivitamins but fatty acids are crucial for us, not only for our bodies but also for our brain.


I would also recommend calcium since the majority of women often tend to shed bone density quicker comparing to men. Vitamin D and omega 3 fatty fish oil are essential for all of us.


EFA´s ( omega 3 ingredient ) supports hormonal agent and wellness and reduces inflammation and they are good for our heart.


Make sure your omega oil is cold pressed. If you are not sure which one to choose to Contact me. 



Before bedtime


Try not to eat carbs 2 hours before bedtime you are going to sleep soon and your body does not need the extra energy.



Need the motivation to start your personal fitness program? Read this post on 5 helpful things to start your fitness program

Best things to see in Spain

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Traveling TO SPAIN

Since my Isabel was born I have been traveling to Spain a lot.

I used to live there, and my sister lives there now so we used to go to visit her frequently.

If you haven´t visited Spain, then here is a little bit about this exotic country. 

Spain is the third most popular holiday country in the world. It has gathered such recognition because of its rich tradition, made more exciting by the remarkably unique offerings of every of its regions.

The numerous activities that Spain provides to its people, locals and tourists alike and for every age will be more than enough reason to make Spain certainly one of the top tourist destinations.

Barcelona, Alicante, Bilbao, Madrid, Salou, and Marbella are the most popular destinations in Spain. Each one provides its own unique essence but they all are quite well-known since they meld both the comfort of old Spain and uniqueness of new Spain.

However, the entire of Spain is really a treat for all the senses – from the meals and visually spectacular scenery to the flavors and spices of its food and its music as well as rhythms. All of these work together to form the mind-boggling beauty called Spain.

Places Of Interest:

Traveling to Spain has got a lot to do with art too. A place of interest include:

The Museo del Prado, which is believed to be one of the best art galleries in the world.

Also, you should ensure you check out the royal palace, although it is not used as a place of residence any longer but it is worth a look especially for its architecture and the classic interior decors.

The botanical gardens are also a fantastic sight to behold, but it is too far a distance for you then you may check out other gardens or the very large parks available throughout the city.

Starting the day playing your favorite sport as you enjoy an amazing panoramic view of the Madrid skyline from the Campo de las Naciones park.

Or just covering seven centuries of art history through the pictorial gems hidden in the Museo Thyssen galleries.

If you are up and about irrespective of the time of the day, the best place to be is the main square. The main square is centered by a large clock tower, in this center, you will find festivals, shows, musical performances, and a lot of other activities.

It is such a place you could go sit down, waste some time if you’ve got nothing to do and it is a place to go and eat with a mate(s).

When looking for both traditional and lovely spots to visit, Spain shows up at the top of the list. With the historical past of Spain, it truly is no wonder this country is mostly the one discussed when traditional places are discussed.

If you are among those who really love the vintage romance that exists from historical places, you then will cherish an enchanting holiday vacation for two in Spain.

Here are the best options for places to visit when traveling to Spain that had been proven to be favorites for many people.


This is an important place to see when on a vacation to Spain. Madrid is simply an outstanding place to visit for many reasons. If you are a “night owl” then you definitely will like the night lifestyle of Madrid.

This area really comes alive whenever the sun goes down, therefore, this is an excellent choice for the party people. Perhaps you are a history enthusiast or you just like things easy and simple, you will find a lot here to help you keep busy as well as entertaining.

Two of the very common places to pay a visit to regardless of what your preferences are would be the Museo del Prado and the Palacio Real. Both of these places are among the best choices of tourists when in Spain.

Madrid has a good public transportation system. You can choose in between using the Metro, Bus or Cercanías as they call it, that is the one they call in Germany Straßenbahn.

I have been twice in Madrid. The last time I went was for the Arnold Sports Festival. We booked with booking.com and stayed very centrally.


No trip to Spain can be complete without a visit to Barcelona. It is the second largest city in Spain and it is the capital of Catalonia.

Although this is certainly one of the busiest places there is a still lot of thrilling things that you will find to do. It is possible to stroll through Las Ramblas

and then head on over to Sagrada Familia

and complete the day by going to the Barcelona Cathedral.

Do not bother about where you can have vacationed at as the streets are lined with lots of cafes, therefore makes beating the heat simple.


This is a wonderful place to see for it has breathtaking architectural buildings to look at. Seville is the province of Sevilla and the capital of Andalusia making it the central part of an attraction.

There are numerous creative and artistic routines to make sure you keep busy and have fun with all your party.

Ensure not to miss the stunning site of the Seville Cathedral as this is considered to be among the best samples of the architectural delights of Seville.

Spain is among the best places to visit when journeying, therefore, ensuring you add this on your list of places to see. The beautiful sights, and the history behind it all can make this the perfect desired destination to venture to.

The first steps to clean eating for busy moms


The First Steps To A Clean Eating For Busy Moms!


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I know it can be confusing with all the diet information out there I don´t blame you! let me break it for you into steps so you can start your clean eating mama!

The idea of clean eating is to choose foods as close to the source as possible and consuming them in their natural form.

And you know what ? This is not time consuming as we want to keep our Menu loaded with fresh foods. So good news for us that don’t really like to cook that much ( Yes I am one of them ).

Maybe you are pregnant or just got into post-pregnancy, it´s never too early to start on the clean eating habit. Just make sure you are getting enough nutrients and that you are eating well if you are pregnant or if you are a breast feeding mama.



1. Make a habit of reading labels.

It can be wearisome to read all labels but with time you will be an expert of what to pick and what to not eat. For starts keep it a rule: if you cannot pronounce the word and you are unfamiliar with it, you would most likely not fancy of putting it into your body. Try to obtain most of your nutrition from foods that do not include complicated labels. I’m talking about avocado, sweet potato quinoa, brown rice, almond butter, rice cakes, fruits, vegetables, things like that.


2. Cut down the processed foods.

Don´t be fooled by the food industry. You know that sugar is addictive and they want you to keep buying their products, therefore, they add sugar into their food along with other chemicals that give longer shelve life. It is necessary to reduce it if you want to see progress.


3. Choose vegetables first.



In order to feel full choose vegetables and water, to ensure you are getting enough nutrients to keep vegetables in most of your meals thru the day. Some vegetables are contain more nutrients when cooked, like tomatoes but most of the vegetables are best eaten raw.


4. Go for complex carbohydrates


These include sweet potato, brown rice, quinoa… They are often rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They take more time to digest, longer for insulin to kick in and will keep you fuller for a longer time.


5. The mixture on your plate.


Don´t keep it too boring. Keep your food with variety and mix it up of lean proteins and complex carbohydrates. Keep it balanced such as egg whites, lean meats, beans, legumes, and vegetables… skip the bread and the wine at least 6 days a week.


6. Do Not Think “All or Nothing”.


I am guilty of it too. If I don’t choose healthy in all my meals in one day, then I might as well just give it up and eat the whole fridge, including the ice cream in my freezer. No! This mentality is wrong! It’s okay if you slip out off of your clean eating plan, you are human! Just watch out the next time.


7. Create a plan that You KNOW you can stick to!


Please don’t over complicate things and set some realistic goals. Do a little every day.


8. Any exercise is good when you are starting out or when you have been on an exercise break.

If you cannot go to the gym or don’t feel like doing your home workout, then taking a walk or dancing can also be a very good exercise, when you are just not in the gym mood.

Let me know in the comments if you are ready to start eating cleaner! Hopefully these steps will help you.

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