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My name is Sylvia, mommy of one and soon of two! I'm a certified Personal Trainer and Website Designer. Over two years ago I started this blog to share my expat, athlete fitness journey. I got tired of only blogging about fitness related topics. I dove into learning more about Website Branding & Social Media. I grew my followers to over 120K and started out doing side jobs on Social Media related stuff. On my blog I share my skills, experience and passion for Fitness and Social Media Branding/Marketing.


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Sylviafitness Blog

5 Helpful Things to Do to Start Your Personal Fitness Program

When people talk to me about fitness, they say their most common challenge is how to incorporate fitness into their lives. They know they have to do something to feel fit and healthy but they reall...

Sylviafitness Blog

Facebook's new tool for video influencers

Allot of changes are being made at Facebook. Their algorithm, rules, and policies. As you have probably noticed your newsfeed is filled up with short videos from pages that you have liked. That is ...

Sylviafitness Blog

How To Generate Keywords for easy rankings

There are many ways on how to generate keywords for easy rankings. Before designing your blog, have you thought about what your blog is mostly about? What kind of audience are you writing...

Sylviafitness Blog

Eating Healthy During Pregnancy

Hey fellow pregnant mama! and congratulations. This is my second pregnancy so I wanted to address this topic, again... One thing you should know is that you should not be eating for two during your...

Training Options

personal training


Need help with motivating yourself to go to the gym? Then this is the right option for you! I offer one on one sessions where you will receive assistance in the gym tailored specifically to your needs. You choose the gym of your liking and the time that suits you and I will accompany you and make sure you are training correctly and effectively.                    

online fitness training


Prefer to workout alone or in the comfort of your home? Then this is the right option for you! When you sign up for the online training option you will receive a customized workout plan based on your fitness levels and personal goals. You will also receive an easy to follow meal plan and guidance on how to buy groceries for maximal success.