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A fit body and a sharp mind undoubtedly boost a person’s self-confidence and well being. On our blog we share ways to stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle and by extension raise your self-confidence level.


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Our sylviafitness blog does not focus on one specific diet but on real foods as we don’t want you to get bored with one particular food. You have a wide range of healthy foods options from which you can choose and ultimately turn it into a lifestyle.

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Doing physical activity anywhere

This post might contain affiliate links. If you purchase I get a small commission. Please see disclaimer for further info, If you are living your life without any clue about your work routine and its effects on your health and fitness then, this chapter is definitely...

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BODY WEIGHT RESISTANCE EXERCISES Body weight exercises are exercises that make use of your body weight rather than tools like dumbbells or gym equipment. Utilizing bodyweight was among the unique kinds of strength-training. Bodyweight working out is not difficult to...

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Top Body Challenge

TOP BODY CHALLENGE The secret to being healthy is to keep the body moving and the spirit resting. Anonymous. Guest Post from Tralerose Among the Roses today there is…the Top Body Challenge. This post inaugurates a new category of my blog: the things that have changed...

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How to Enjoy Life as a Digital Nomad with Kids

How to Enjoy Life as a Digital Nomad with Kids   So you want to explore the world, living your dream life... but you have kids. Can you really become a digital nomad even if you have a family? Even if you aren't in your early twenties? Yes, absolutely! If I can do it,...

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HOW TO START LIVING AS A FLEXITARIAN The word flexitarian is a combination of flexible and vegetarian, and it describes a person who eats a primarily plant-based diet, but who occasionally enjoys chicken, fish, or red meat. More of us should follow this eating style...

read more has helped me to stay on track and kept me motivated with their blog and their latest resources on fitness and health.

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