Hey there and welcome to my website! I try to demonstrate my passion for living a healthy & active lifestyle as a life of fun + balance.

Before my fitness journey, I was a shy, skinny-fat girl. I wanted to challenge myself and entered my first bikini fitness competition back in 2011. After placing first place and winning pro status in my first show I knew I was following the right path.

Through a number of competitions, photo shoots, public appearances & fitness events I continue to inspire and motivate others to improve their health and fitness.

As a wife and mommy of two my approach sets an example that keeping a healthy happy life doesn’t need to be overwhelming or complicated, rather realistic and fun.

“Being consistent and in balance helps you achieve your fitness goals.”

Few years ago I moved with my hubby from Iceland to Germany not speaking the language. I was pregnant at that time & few months later I went through a terrible experience of losing my mother to cancer.

I knew I had to do something in order to move on with my life.

Since I didn´t speak any german I decided to pursue an online business. I used my fitness background and started out as an online personal trainer.

On my business journey I grew my online personal brand and other business owners started reaching out to me to help them create content & grow their online presence.

This is what led me to working with coaches & influencers who want to become inspirational leaders and create the impact, income and lifestyles they deserve.

Getting clear on my vision for my business, life and taking action to make it happen, transformed me.

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