Body Weight Resistance Exercises

by None | 25/02/2018 |

Body weight exercises are exercises that make use of your body weight rather than tools like dumbbells or gym equipment. Utilizing bodyweight was among the unique kinds of strength-training. Bodyweight working out is not difficult to understand, helpful, and can be done virtually anywhere; at home, at the workplace or on a trip - similar to a portable gym.

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Must haves for your website homepage

by None | 29/01/2018 |

Hey Lovely! If you’re considering redesigning your website homepage or need to add some more on it generate more leads than this list is your must-have! Homepages need to wear a lot of hats, rather than keeping it a simple landing page where people don't know where to go to take action, you need to have some key tools on your website homepage. In order to serve your visitors, it needs to be built with purpose. Incorporate elements that attract traffic.

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How to do Link Building and rank high on Google

by None | 20/01/2018 |

If you run a blog or website you know that link building is very important. Besides making your site visible to search engines and optimizing your keywords by using SEO ( you can read more about choosing the right keywords for your blog on my previous post 

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5 Helpful Things to Do to Start Your Personal Fitness Program

by None | 16/01/2018 |

When people talk to me about fitness, they say their most common challenge is how to incorporate fitness into their lives. They know they have to do something to feel fit and healthy but they really don't know how. It can be discouraging because of the abundance of information out there, Too much that you may not know where to even begin. 

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Travel with an extra hand

by None | 15/01/2018 |

As our lives get busier and busier, we still lack a hands-free luggage solution, despite all the advances in luggage technology.  

Technology is always making our lives easier. There are still some problems, however, that technology has not touched, problems that are just as many problems as they were ten, twenty, or even fifty years ago.

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