Facebook's new tool for video influencers

Allot of changes are being made at Facebook. Their algorithm, rules, and policies. As you have probably noticed your newsfeed is filled up with short videos from pages that you have liked. That is because videos are getting more exposure than images on the Facebook platform. In addition to the recently added Facebook Live on your Facebook Like/Fan Page, Facebook is taking a step forward and will become the new go-to publishing video platform for influencers. 

Obviously, they want people creating videos on Facebook and skip youtube. You can already upload videos directly to Facebook without having to go to upload it to youtube or Vimeo and from there share it on Facebook. Posts that have videos uploaded directly tent to get more exposure as well. 

Now they recently launched two tools that will help their video creators to create content, share it and engage with more with fans. Tools such as enhanced metrics and cross-posting are just two of the features that should interest you to take a look at Facebook video options. 

The content creators community 

You cannot enter this exclusive creator community unless you are creating video content. These creators can use the platform to create branded content. 

New App just for the creator's community 

An app with live broadcast tools, with branding such as custom stickers etc that fans can use to interact, graphic design frames. The pros with it that you can link it to your Instagram story and Facebook story.

New Website

New website with information and resources to help you create a content to go viral. You will get a tutorial on how to create better video content for their platform. 

What is your thought on this subject? Are you an active Youtube video content creator? or active on Snapchat? Do you think this will have an impact on youtubers?