How to do Link Building and rank high on Google

If you run a blog or website you know that link building is very important. Besides making your site visible to search engines and optimizing your keywords by using SEO ( you can read more about choosing the right keywords for your blog on my previous post 

There are many factors that Google uses to rank sites, however, links are such a strong factor that it is very unlikely that you could rank high for a keyword if you are competing against sites with more backlinks. Link building is the key to ranking your site high in the search engine results.If another page links to your site, it gives your site more value.

Now, that you know that link building is important, which links are better than others? Is it best to get linked from a high government site or from a random blog with high traffic? The answer is, it doesn't matter. With that being said, you should focus on building list on high quality and authoritative sites. 

Best is to get links naturally and over a period of time. Google works just like Facebook and Instagram. If you like too many photos on Instagram or follow too many Facebook pages in one day they will ban you for a day or two. The same with Google.

Some of the sites you can already save your website link on are: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube, Linkedin, Quora, Pinterest too name a few. 

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