How to Stay Fit When Traveling

More and more people suffer from wanderlust. Well, with just one lifetime, you can never travel enough to discover that the wonders this world has to offer. Most people are willing to work their butts off just to afford holidays – either to popular destinations or the parts of the world less traveled. There is so much to discover, so much to see, taste, smell, hear, and feel.

However, such holidays often gets you out of focus from your efforts to stay fit. Worry no more. Just follow these tips and you’ll hit two birds with one stone – satisfying your wanderlust and satisfying your desire for achieving a great body.


Work and Wonder. When thinking of ways on how to stay fit, you need to think beyond the gym. When you hear work out, a picture of a gym, exercise equipment, sweat, and that hottie in the treadmill. Well, the last one may not be in the same category with the others but you get the picture. However, you need to keep in mind that exercise is never limited to what happens inside the gym. You can use exercise to explore and you can explore so you can have your exercise. Some great examples are cycling, hiking, and covering grounds by foot – alone, with a special someone, or with group tours.
Work hard or diet trying. Diet plays a vital part in staying fit. When you travel, you want to explore everything – the sights, the culture, the people, and of course, the food! You cannot just throw all your efforts away. You cannot let the opportunity to a total cultural immersion either. Explore gastronomy carefully and you can have the best of both worlds. You should go for veggies, healthy protein from legumes and certain animal sources, nuts, fruits, and a healthy amount of carbs.

Coffee Maker Creations. Take advantage of the coffee maker in your hotel room. It is not exclusively used for coffee. You can concoct a variety of healthy snacks with the coffee maker such as oatmeal snacks and some trail mixes. 

Put a drink on it. Drinking seems a mandatory part of holidays. You already know the negative effects of alcoholic drinks to your body. However, you can still make wise choices and one of them is drinking in moderation. What to drink comes next. Go for pure liquor or wine. Otherwise, go for the good beer or some light beer. To ensure that you drink in moderation, alternate drinking alcohol, and water. Whatever you do, stay away from drinks with lots of sugar and energy drink content.

Always keep in mind that each travel is an adventure and each destination is a treasure waiting to be discovered. Walk a lot and be active. Make wise decisions and always have an open mind. Consider your options and always go for what’s best for you.

Here is my workout video that I did with my sister and baby girl. Working out with your toddler is fun! 


Here is also some tip from a fit traveler.