Must haves for your website homepage

Hey Lovely! If you’re considering redesigning your website homepage or need to add some more on it generate more leads than this list is your must-have! Homepages need to wear a lot of hats, rather than keeping it a simple landing page where people don't know where to go to take action, you need to have some key tools on your website homepage. In order to serve your visitors, it needs to be built with purpose. Incorporate elements that attract traffic.

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So to improve the performance of your homepage, check out the following must-haves for your website homepage.


1. Banner or Slider with a headline

Make it clear what your website is all about. Let them know what you are offering. Keep it short and sweet. Use eye-catching images and fonts. Keep it clean.

2. Subheadline such as About

Let readers know a little bit about you. How you can help them or why you have created this blog.  

3. Email subscribe opt-in

Offer them a freebie such as a Pdf, Ebook, course...

4. Benefits from your website

You can mention this in the about section and link to a resource page that you have on your website. 

5. Images

Beautiful Images. That relate you your brand and mood board. 
Try to keep 2-4 colors in your brand ( not counting black or white ).


Keep few testimonials on your homepage or you could also make another page only for testimonials and link to it from your front page. 

7. Call to action 

Use a good CTA button with text copy that will lead them to take action. Tell your visitors what they should do next. 

8. Menu Navigation

Keep it short and not too many. I recommend not more than 8 items.

9.Social Media

Your social media channels. Keep them on your front page, if you can at the top and at the bottom. 

10.Wordpress theme

A theme that you love and feels like you

Are you ready to find your dream theme? I personally love the beautiful chic themes from Bluchic  

They have many themes to choose from and ready made for you!




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