Go to healthy family meals that are easy to make and your kids will actually eat them.

With my kids, it has been good so far regarding eating the meals I make.

Sometimes my older daughter will say ” no I don´t want this” but in the end, she eats what’s on her plate because I don´t give in.

I learned from my mom that if I would not eat what was for dinner than I would not get anything else to eat and would go hungry to sleep.

After my one and only time refusing my moms dinner, I changed my mind and went back to my mom and said okay I will eat this. 

After that she said I never refused meals.

When I had my children I decided that I would not let them control what would be for lunch, dinner and so on.


Mealtime boot camp.

My daughter learned from an early age. My younger one is learning now. They eat what is made or they starve. ( They don’t really starve, I just tell my older one she won’t get anything else ).

And if she does not like something, she can finish the first plate but does not have to eat it again. For example, most of the times she does not like chicken breasts.

She eats fish, salmon, red meat so I kind of don´t push her to eat chicken, because she eats the other stuff that I give her, plus she eats a lot of vegetables, she just doesn´t like chicken breasts.

She is 5 years old now. I and my husband have usually been following a healthy diet since we meet.

There are months when he does low carb – high carb. That means he eats carbs on days he trains and no carbs on the days he skips training. So our dinner meals have always been made around our healthy diet lifestyle. And since I’m no big fan of cooking I like to keep it simple and everybody in my family should eat the same.

Usually, our dinner consists of protein+ carbohydrate and /or fat. I have never been picky with food, thank god my husband either! (otherwise, I would not have married him! lol ) Don’t worry he doesn´t read my blogs. But it’s a compromise that I could not accept. Picky Eater.

I can eat my meal even if I don´t like it very much how it tastes and even if it’s cold. Food is food, as long as it is healthy I´ll eat it. And since my husband is not picky either we show our kids this example, that you should not be picky with food. 

I remember when my daughter was two years old she could eat cold Tilapia cooked from the day before.


We also do have one night where we make pizza together. Usually on a weekend.

Have my kids always been good eaters? Yes. My older one is 5 now and she has always been a good eater. Although I have trained her from an early age. 

And with my younger one, she is in training for now :). She usually eats everything. Except for bananas, I have tried a few times to feed her banana, she once ate a few slices of banana but never again.


How to get a child to eat when they refuse.


So my tips for you to make your kids eat what you make. This has worked for us so if you are looking for tips on how to feed your kids what you make, then I hope these steps will help you.

1. Have each kid pick a meal once a week, make the meal together and make it fun.

2. If they refuse what you have made, then just keep their plate in the fridge and when they say they are hungry put it in front of them. Eventually, they eat what it has been made.

3. Remind them that you are in charge and you decide which healthy family meal will be cooked in your home.

4. Start early to introduce healthy meals. But remember it´s never too early and never too late to introduce healthy foods.

Sometimes my older one doesn’t want raspberries and only wants blueberries, ( when we only have raspberries at home). I tell her we don’t have the blueberries and she should add raspberries on to her oatmeal. Which she ends up doing.

She has eaten raspberries like candy before, it’s just sometimes kids try to see how far they can get away with things.

It can take time and lots of patience and remember they won’t starve eventually they will eat.

With Babies when you are starting out introducing solids, it can take up to ten times when you are introducing new foods to them.

A tip from one mom in my mom group:” My kids eat everything always. My mom says kids are like dogs they will eat it if you start early but kids do like fun foods”. 

One thing you should NOT do

I came across this article on Parents.com They advise parents to sprinkle some sugar on their vegetables.


You should delay introducing sugar to your child!

There is almost sugar in every food today, why the heck should we add more sugar to it!?

Plus they are kids they don’t know about adding sugar to their food unless you introduce it to them.

I delayed as I could introducing ice cream/cakes/muffins/candy to my daughter.

She was one year and a half when she got her first ice cream. When I think about it today I think she was too young.

I have never bought her yogurts with added sugar and or fruits. The only yogurt I give her is pure Greek yogurt, white yogurt from Landliebe, or the Icelandic famous Skyr.

When my older daughter has been offered sweetened yogurts she doesn´t eat them.

She is not used to the taste because I have never bought it for her. She likes her yogurt to be plain.

She knows that cakes, ice cream & chocolate are sweet but that food is not supposed to be sweet.

Go to healthy family meals that are easy to make and your kids will actually eat.

1. Chicken and broccoli casserole.

2. Fish tacos (your kids can customize them with vegetables),

3. DIY Pizzas

4.Whole wheat quesadillas. You can make anything into a quesadilla. Add mozzarella, mixed veggies with cheese, chicken…

5. Scrambled eggs mixed with tomatoes and spinach, serve with fruit and fried sweet potato.

Many mini egg muffins. 

Add different colors of vegetables to make them look different.

Preparing your toddler meals like this makes it more fun. 
Sweet potato mixture. I think every toddler likes sweet potato! Just mix it with some green veggie and if you want to add a protein than add an egg. 
 Super quick healthy toddler muffin with few ingredients. 
Mix up some fruits with vegetables and quesadillas. 

3 ingredients for a healthy pancake. I used to make this one for my older daughter when she was 2 years old. They are toddler approved.

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  1. Cavaton

    Cook more meals at home. Restaurant and takeout meals have more added sugar and unhealthy fat so cooking at home can have a huge impact on your kids health. If you make large batches, cooking just a few times can be enough to feed your family for the whole week.

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