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Neuschwanstein Castle is a nineteenth-century Romanesque Revival palace on a hill above the village of Hohenschwangau near Füssen in southwest Bavaria, Germany. 


This castle has been on my to see list since I moved to Germany. And finally we had the chance to go and experience this Castle.



Inspired by Walt Disney, the sleeping beauty.



While Ludwig’s story doesn’t have a happy ending, his castle did inspire Walt Disney who does know how to make happy endings. Sleeping Beauty’s Castle was inspired by Ludwig’s Neuschwanstein, as was Cinderella’s Castle.


We went to visit this castle during winter in December. And since it´s located up on a hill you need to walk up or take the horse trolley. 


Traveling with toddlers or babies.



You can buy your ticket when you arrive at the Ticketcenter Hohenschwangau in town and then you go and wait in a line for the horse trolley or walk the hill up.


I don´t recommend walking up if you are not used to walking allot. We did walk with our 5 years old and our 10-month-old. Without kinderwagen. My 5 year old usually walks allot and is used to walking with us but this day she was kind of moody and wined a little bit so we had to carry her almost the whole way up.


Our 10 month old we carried in a baby wrapper.


Again at the ticket center, they said you cannot take anything with you so we decided to leave most of our stuff in the car, including the kinderwagen.


It didn´t take that long to walk up, at the ticket service they said it will take 40 minutes but I think it took us like 25 minutes.


On the way up there is a mini restaurant and once you arrive at the Castle there is a toilet and a room to change diapers.


Neuschwanstein Castle



Once we were in, we had a guide speaking German with a Russian accent. And of course, my Valentina had to no patience for this. I had to pop out my breast under my big scarf to make her stop crying.


We somehow managed with both of them.


The view from the window of the castle was amazing. But you are not allowed to take any pictures inside the castle.


Surprising facts about the Neuschwanstein Castle



The latest edge on technology was implemented at this castle. Ludwig II made sure that his castle was created with the latest technology at the time.


There was an electric bell system for his servants, telephones, running water hot and cold throughout in the kitchen and even a lift!


But all of this technology was almost unknown at the time.


They are constantly repairing the castle. It needs a lot of maintenance.


You cannot stay at Neuschwanstein Castle, that would be a dream. However, you can stay at a hotel downtown by the castle and having the castle right outside your window view.


The temperature and the weather were not bad in December, just dress up for cold weather and in comfy outdoor walking shoes.


I would love to visit this place in summer! We did not have a chance to see the yellow smaller castle Hohenschwangau Castle, that is located in the town too.


We had a ticket at a certain time and if you don´t use your ticket at the time you have booked you cannot get a refund or change the time.

Make sure to have enough time to eat in between, we were hungry and our daughters after the Neuschwanstein Castle and it took a bit longer to get down from the castle. we had to wait for the horse trollies, so we ended up not seeing the yellow Hohenschwangau Castle.


If you want to read more about this beautiful castle than here is the link to Neuschwanstein on Wikipedia 

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