Online training with Sylvia

Online Training

I offer worldwide online fitness training for women. Whether you want to shed body fat, achieve a toned physique, get your body back after a pregnancy or improve your overall health.
I can help you!
Each and every client gets a personalized program tailored for success. You choose where and when you want to workout, at the gym or in the comfort of your own home, after work or early in the morning. You don't need to reschedule your life, we will make the training plan fit into your daily routine.

Online training with Sylvia

Option 1: I can assist you with your current food intake. You will keep a food journal and send it to me once a week. I'll review your journal and send you feedback. Access to recipes and grocery list.

Option 2: Detailed macro calculated meal plan. Depending on your weight goal, your activities, height, weight, and age. Access to recipes and grocery list.

Online training with Sylvia

Being aware of the habits that cause an unhealthy lifestyle is crucial. Having the motivation and tools to change habits into beneficial ones can be life changing. Joining my online training community I am certain I can assist with motivational tools and the knowledge you need to achieve your goals and become a happy-healthier you!

Here are some advantages of enrolling in my online training program and having your very own online trainer

  • Enjoy a fitness program that is tailored especially for you. Some may think that online fitness training is nothing more than watching exercise videos and performing shown exercise routines. However, these are more than just videos. The videos that you see when you attend your online fitness classes are carefully planned according to your needs and preferences.

  • It allows you to use your existing exercise equipment. To create a variety and to emphasize your work on particular areas of your body, online training programs incorporate exercise equipment in your workout videos. It all depends on what you want to achieve and the current condition of your body.

  • Enjoy your privacy. Many people are too conscious about their bodies and how they look when they are working out. If you are worried that you do not look your best when you sweat and have to be in different challenging positions, then my online training programs are perfect for you. You will perform your workout routines in your own home so you have all the privacy that you need.

  • It allows you to exercise anytime of the day. There are times when you have to exercise early because you have other morning engagements. There are also times when you woke up earlier than you should and cannot go back to sleep. This would have been perfect if the gym is open 24/7. However my online training program which you can use anytime you want.

  • Access to your online personal trainer via email or whats app.

There are also special programs if you have special needs such as for pregnancy and for toning your muscles specifically. You are always in control with online training programs.

Once I have received your payment we will schedule a skype meeting and you will get to fill out a form of questionnaires. Before you start I recommend you take before pictures or measurements ( I will show you how ) every 2-4 weeks we will redo the process.


Online Training 1st Program

120.00 The first 5 Weeks

  • Personalized Training Plan
  • Personalized Meal Plan
  • Support Via Email or WhatsApp
  • Recipes and Grocery List

Online TrainingAfter the 1st Month

80.00 5 Weeks

  • Personalized Training Plan
  • Personalized Meal Plan
  • Support via Email or WhatsApp
  • Recipes and Grocery List

Nutrition Plan Single Meal Plan

60.00 Once

  • Skype or Email
  • Macro Calculated Meal Plan
  • Grocery List and Recipes
  • Suggestions for when eating out

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