How to start living as a flexitarian

How To Start living as a flexitarian The word flexitarian is a combination of flexible and vegetarian, and it describes a person who eats a primarily plant-based diet, but who occasionally enjoys chicken, fish, or red meat. After my years of bikini fitness...

Top Body Challenge

TOP BODY CHALLENGE   The secret to being healthy is to keep the body moving and the spirit resting.-Anonymous. Guest Post from Tralerose Among the Roses today there is…the Top Body Challenge.This post inaugurates a new category of my blog: the things that have...

How to Enjoy Life as a Digital Nomad with Kids

How to Enjoy Life as a Digital Nomad with Kids    So you want to explore the world, living your dream life... but you have kids. Can you really become a digital nomad even if you have a family? Even if you aren't in your early twenties? Yes, absolutely! If I can...

About Sylvia

One of the first Bikini Fitness Athlete Competitors from Iceland that started competing internationally. 

Sylvia is committed & passionate in helping you uncover the true magnitude of your inner strength and awaken your inner fire that you can take strides into realising your power for change, transformation, success and happiness

Sylvia has achieved a Wbff Pro card, NPC Overall Bikini Fitness Champion Title, National Level Fitness Competitor, competed with different professional athlete teams & shared her knowledge of health and fitness through social media, radio stations, articles and online fitness blogs.

She has also shared fitness and nutrition tips in various fitness seminars.

After losing her mom to cancer Sylvia started researching more about what is in our food and how we can adopt a healthy lifestyle.

On Sylvia shares her fitness experience,  staying healthy & in balance, hopefully inspiring you or motivating you in a good way.

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