Fun 3 Workouts to do with your baby!

Hey Mama! Are you ready to do some Mama-Baby Fitness with

your baby?


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Hi there & welcome to this Mama-Fitness- Blog.

I’m Sylvia – a passionate mom about healthy food, a group fitness instructor and a previous international bikini fitness athlete and champion. On sylviafitness I educate you about health, fitness, post-pregnancy exercising and more…


My 3 tips to stick with your Fitness Goals in 2019.

1. Do Not Think “All or Nothing”.

I am guilty of it too. If I don’t choose healthy in all my meals in one day, then I might as well just give it up and eat the whole fridge, including the ice cream in my freezer. No! This mentality is wrong! It’s okay if you slip out off of your fitness plan. Just watch out the next time.

2. Create a plan that You KNOW you can stick to!

Please don’t over complicate things and set some realistic goals. Do a little every day.

3. Any exercise is good when you are starting out or when you have been on an exercise break.

If you cannot go to the gym or don’t feel like doing your home workout, then taking a walk or dancing can also be a very good exercise, when you are just not in the gym mood.

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