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10 ways to stay on track with diet

10 ways to stay on track with diet

10 Ways to stay on track with diet So how to stay accountable for weight loss or just staying healthy? Staying on track with a diet plan is not always easy. Here are some tips from an experienced dieter and a previous international bikini fitness athlete. Fast for 12...

Post pregnancy weight loss plan

Post pregnancy weight loss plan

If you have been following me on social media you know I hate diets and don´t like to follow strict diet plans. I am a mom of two and I don't have time to complicate things. Unless I am preparing for a bikini fitness competition, which I am not then I don´t follow any...

The first steps to clean eating for busy moms

The first steps to clean eating for busy moms

  The First Steps To A Clean Eating For Busy Moms!   *This post may contain affiliate links which means if you purchase thru my link I make a small commission at no extra cost to you. See my disclosure for more. I know it can be confusing with all the diet...

“Sylvia´s teachings and ability to deliver tangible results as well as inspire, she stands out as the go-to expert for healthy entrepreneurs worldwide."

Fitness Model

“Tímarnir hjá Sylvíu voru ótrúlega fjölbreyttir, skemmtilegir og góðir. Ég sá fljótt mikinn mun á mér hvað varðar þol, útlit og styrk. Mæli hiklaust með Sylvíu sem einkaþjálfara”.

Eva María

My purpose for hiring Sylvia was for fitness content I needed for my fitness Bootcamp blog site. The material provided was excellent. I highly recommend using Sylvia´s service for all of your fitness or health needs. Thanks, Sylvia and keep up the good work.

Rick- Soul Online Radio

“Mig langaði svo mikið til að þakka þér fyrir alla aðstoðina í fyrra, èg náði svo góðum árangri á planinu þínu og bý ennþá að því .Takk”

Elín Kára

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