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Among the Roses today there is…the Top Body Challenge.
This post inaugurates a new category of my blog: the things that have changed my life.

One of these is certainly the Top Body Challenge, a workout that shapes and firms, you can do it at home and gives amazing results!

Before going into the description of this activity, I tell you a little about myself, indeed, about my pre TBG.
I have always been a sedentary person and no good at any kind of sport. The only thing I’ve always enjoyed is taking long walks that, having a dog – until January two, poor Nano (sigh!) – I do it willy-nilly almost every day.
I have a minute physique, small bones, narrow shoulders and pre TBG I had fat localized on thighs and hips and so much need to firm up.
Not a beautiful image, I agree.

I have always had 2-3 extra kilos between waist and knees that last year, despite eating well and healthy, became 5, which may seem few but on a body like mine are like 10 on a well-distributed body.

I was desperate! I could no longer look at myself in the mirror, clothes didn’t suit me or didn’t fit me anymore. I didn’t know what to do…
Then I tried to do a bit ‘of running but I was bored, it was a huge effort and the results were, to say the least, disappointing. I soon lost the race.
But something I had to do, I was determined.
Until one day I discovered that one of my favorite bloggers, Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonie, after two pregnancies in a row had got back in shape with the Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines, a rather intense workout that also includes a pre-workout before starting the real program as it is very challenging.

In addition, many tools are needed, in fact in addition to dumbbells, mat, and rope, after the first two months you also need benches, medicine ball, step and bosu for which it becomes essential to go to the gym unless you have all these tools available.

Finally, this workout involves many jumps that go to urge your back and knees. It was not the optimum for me, also because I never loved gyms, but something had to be done and I was almost convinced to start the BBG.


Until I do not even remember how I discovered Sonia Trev’s Top Body Challenge. And it was love at first sight.

I like the Top Body Challenge and it’s just right for me. The program lasts 12 weeks, does not provide a pre-workout even for poorly trained guys like me, very few tools are needed that is a pad, rope, and dumbbells, anklets and wristbands are optional – and above all the whole program can be done at home or at home ‘open. What more do you want in life?

The training proposed by Sonia Tlev provides 3 days of circuit per week – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – and it is recommended to add 2 cardio sessions per week choosing between walking, running, tennis, dance or other, the important is that it lasts from 45 to 90 minutes, keeps the beat up and makes you sweat a lot.
Sonia also recommends 2-3 stretching sessions a month for about an hour.
Well, so far I have told you where I started and I have described the program of the Top Body Challenge, now I tell you how I did.
I liked the exercises very much, to the point that I immediately carried them not only during the 3 indicated days but at least 5-6 times a week. I didn’t do any cardio activity, just going on with my daily walks.
The first time I started last October and I did the activity regularly for 6 weeks, until the middle of November, when an influence forced me to bed and prevented me from continuing just when I started to see the first results, I was firming and muscles I didn’t even know I had were shaping.
Once healed I let Christmas holidays pass and on January 1st I started again. Within a month I lost all the accumulated kilos, the figure was outlined and I was firmer. And all this without following any diet and even granting me some snag! Never seen such a thing!


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On March 31st I finished the first cycle of Top Body Challenge, I let a week pass then I started again, now I’m on the 10th week of the second cycle and I’m very satisfied, the exercises are easier for me, the muscles are more and more outlined but always discreet, not like the gym does, as I like it.
During this second cycle, I made some changes to my training, in the sense that if it is not in the program I do 30 repetitions of this type of abs and 20 repetitions of triceps.



Furthermore, since my weak point remains the thighs, when the program includes jump squat or donkey sidekick if I’m not too tired I add 5 repetitions to those already planned.
In summary: I train about 6 times a week, Monday and Tuesday I do the Monday program, Wednesday and Thursday I do the Wednesday program and Friday and Saturday the Friday, every day I add 30 repetitions of abs and 20 repetitions of triceps if it’s not in the program and in case of jump squat or donkey sidekick, I add 5 repetitions to the expected ones. I do not do any cardio activity (for now).
I usually train in the morning, after drinking some hot water and lemon and before breakfast. If I can not train in the morning I train in the evening before dinner. Keep in mind that at least 2 hours shall lapse after the last meal.
Don’t think that doing the exercises don’t cost me: I struggle and I can not wait to finish! But I’m happy, both before and above all after the training. I am happy because it is the first time I succeed at carrying out a program and finish it, I am happy because, despite the effort, I can do the exercises and I am happy because I see the results, which are really satisfying.
The Top Body Challenge makes me feel good, it has changed my life in the short span of 12 weeks and I’m curious to see what happens while continuing to run the program.
Let me know about you, if you liked this post, what you think of the Top Body Challenge, how you set up your training, what results from you propose and what you have achieved, write me at
And if you think you’re not in time for the costume test … you’re wrong. As I told you, after 6 weeks I saw the first results but keep in mind that I had SO much need to find the proportions. It could take less for you.
This is NOT a sponsored post.


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