Weekend city break to Amsterdam in summer



Last summer we took a desired weekend city break to Amsterdam! The temperature was very hot in July! It was not only extremely warm in Amsterdam when we visited but all over Europe.

But summertime in Amsterdam is from May to August. Similar to Germany.

One of the many things I like about living in central Europe is access to public transport and not being far from many beautiful cities.

So weekend city breaks are easy to do!

But of course maybe not so easy with two little kids, unless of course you choose child friendly cities to visit. 

One of my favorite cities so far is Amsterdam. I had never been to Amsterdam before.





One of my best friends lives there, so hubby and I decided to visit Amsterdam for my 30th birthday!

I had wanted to visit my friend for a long time, but you know how it is, with kids, and moving and no one to babysit, you know how we can delay things that we want to do.


So, we had the chance to go during my birthday weekend. I flew my sister over from Spain to come  babysit my girls.

Our trip started by taking the train from Frankfurt am main to Amsterdam Schiphol. It took about 4:30 minutes. With one stop in Köln/ Cologne.



We wanted to book a flight which takes about 1:15 min to fly, ( hubby is all about “saving time”) but I just thought it was so expensive. If we had booked a flight early and I mean like few months before, then, it would have been about 200 euros for both of us back and forth, flying from Frankfurt am Main airport to Amsterdam Schiphol. 


 But since we knew last minute that we were able to go ( because of our babysitting ), the ticket had gone up to 800 euros for both of us back and forth. So we ended up taking the train. Which costed about 400 euros. Taking the train was also comfortable. You have access to the internet and if you need to work on your laptop than taking the train is perfect. 


Things to do in Amsterdam in Summer

Amsterdam is beautiful, and I love these old buildings. I did not have the chance to take many pictures but here are some shots of Amsterdam and pins from Pinterest.


We rented bikes and cycled around. Amsterdam is known for being a cycling city. You actually have to be really careful. Not be biked down by a bike. Renting a bike is a good idea to get to know the city, plus its easier to go around with the bike. 

We were only for three days, so we did not have the time to do much. We came on Friday noon and left on Sunday afternoon. However, we tried this famous pancake place downtown by the water.

We went to a outdoor festival,( you don’t wanna know the name of it ). There are about 800 festivals during the summer held in Amsterdam, so finding your tribe won’t be hard.


And yes we walked by the red district area & the river.


We walked by the famous Anna Frank Museum but we didn’t go inside to see it.



Next time I will stop for more days and on my list is the wonderful Wonderpark



And a boat trip that takes you thru the city.




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